Hi! My name is Nadine Baumgartner, I am a 25-year-old girl from Austria who is ambitious to become a professional concept artist! Currently, I am in my final year of my Game Design and Development study, and about to graduate!

I have been drawing for as long as I have been able to hold a pen in my hand, and I grew up watching anime, which has heavily influenced my (initial) art style. My love for video games has also been established in my early childhood, thanks to the old Pokémon games, as well as various Play Station 2 games. Ever since starting to play League of Legends, however, I have been dreaming of becoming as skilled as the artists working on that game.
Therefore, I have been trying my hardest to develop my own style while striving to constantly improve my skills. Other than concept art, I also really enjoy doing all kinds of illustrations, as well as 3D art and graphic design.
[You can check out my Instagram for a closer look at my process and work(s) in progress!]

Throughout the years, I have been working together already with all kinds of clients, ranging from individuals wanting an illustration, to companies wanting to get their logo done by me.

Skills: Concept Art, Character Design, Illustration, 3D Art, 3D Texturing, Logo Design, Graphic Design, Editorial Design,  Photo Manipulation

About  the Artist

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